Issa Thompson Net Worth

Issa Thompson is a rapper, singer-songwriter, and business owner. His mixtapes King Issa and Back to the Future helped him become known in the rap world. He also started Wolfpack Entertainment, a production company and record label, and Fresh Young Boys, a clothing company.

He has worked with artists like Gucci Mane, and his fans on social media are very loyal to him.

Brief Bio About Issa Thompson

Name King Issa
Occupation Rapper
Birthday September 22
Birth Year 1994
Place of Birth Washington
Home Town
Washington, D.C.
Birth Country United States
Birth Sign Virgo
Net worth $5 million
Source of Income Rapper

Issa Thompson Early Life

Issa Thompson was born in Washington, D.C., on September 22, 1994. He grew up in a musical family, and his father and grandfather, who were also musicians, had a big impact on him.

When he was young, his real father left him. His mother and stepfather raised him and taught him how to rap. He started writing lyrics for his father when he was eight years old, and by the time he was 13, he was writing his own songs. When he was 15, Crown World Entertainment found him and signed him to Jive Records and then RCA Records.

He has put out several mixtapes, such as King Issa and Back to the Future, which feature Gucci Mane and other artists. He also has a clothing company called Fresh Young Boys and a production company and record label called Wolfpack Entertainment. He is one of the most talented young people in rap music.

Issa Thompson Career

In 2011, Issa collaborated with DJ Holiday to release his first mixtape, “Back to the Future.” The mixtape was an attempt to bridge the generational gap between new and old rappers. In 2012, he released King Issa, his second mixtape, also with DJ Holiday. Gucci Mane and Jacob Latimore were among the artists featured on the mixtape.

He released two more mixtapes in 2015, This Summer and Best Kept Secrets. In 2016, he released Blue Moon, his first EP, This Winter, his fifth mixtape, and the second installment of Sample Sundays.

Issa is not only a rapper, but also a business owner. He has his own production and record label, Wolfpack Entertainment, as well as a clothing line, Fresh Young Boys. He also promotes himself and his music through various social media platforms.

He has over 100,000 Twitter followers, 140 thousand Instagram followers, 50 thousand Facebook followers, and 50 thousand YouTube subscribers.

Issa Thompson is one of the most promising young rappers today. With his mixtapes and EPs, he has demonstrated his versatility and creativity. He has also demonstrated his business acumen through his own ventures. He is a rapper who isn’t afraid to try new things with his music.

Issa Thompson Net Worth

Issa Thompson’s estimated net worth is $5 million. His wealth has been acquired through his careers as a rapper, singer-songwriter, and entrepreneur. He has released a number of mixtapes and extended plays, signed with major record labels, and collaborated with well-known artists.

Additionally, he owns the production company and record label Wolfpack Entertainment, as well as the clothing company Fresh Young Boys. He has additionally invested in real estate and stocks.

Issa Thompson Controvarsy

  • Issa Thompson releases a statement regarding the alleged rapist using his name. Aaron Hall was arrested in 2015 for using Facebook to pose as Issa Thompson and sexually assaulting at least two women in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Issa Thompson expressed disbelief and offered his apologies to the victims before revealing that he, too, was a victim of identity theft. Additionally, he cautioned his fans to be wary of fake profiles.


  • Issa Thompson has a new album out. Issa Thompson released a number of singles in 2020, including “Blessings”, “No Cap”, “I’m Different”, and “Hunnid”. Additionally, he collaborated with Lil Keed, Lil Gotit, Yung Mal, and Lil Co. He also revealed that he was preparing a new album.


  • Issa Thompson has a birthday party. On September 22, 2021, Issa Thompson reached the age of 28. He posted a photo of himself with the caption “Happy birthday to me” on Instagram. He also thanked his supporters for their love and support.


1. How Has Issa Thompson Demonstrated His Versatility as an Artist?

Issa Thompson has shown how versatile and creative he is in the rap music scene through his mixtapes and EPs.

2. Besides Music, What Other Business Ventures is Issa Thompson Involved in?

Issa Thompson is part of Wolfpack Entertainment, a production company and record label, as well as Fresh Young Boys, a clothing company.

3. What Are Some of Issa Thompson’s Recent Singles?

Some of his most recent singles are “Blessings,” “No Cap,” “I’m Different,” and “Hunnid.”

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