Mandy Playdon Net Worth

Mandy Playdon Net Worth: Mandy Playdon is a Canadian actress. She has acted on stage and written a two-person comedy that she starred in at a Vancouver professional theater.

She has also trained with renowned Vancouver acting coaches for film and television. She has appeared on the television programs Supernatural and Confined. She has also appeared in the movie Vampire.

She is presently concentrating on screenwriting. She has distinctive grey, green, and blue eyes and the moniker Manda. She has been nominated for a single award.

Brief Biography of Mandy Playdon

Name Mandy Playdon
Occupation Actor
Birthday January 4
Birth Year 1990
Age 33 years old
Place of Birth Vancouver
Nationality Canada
Birth Sign Aquarius
Popular As
Amanda Marie Deloris Playdon
Net Worth $1 Million – $5 Million

Mandy Playdon Early Life & Career

Mandy Playdon is a Canadian actress who was born in Vancouver, British Columbia on January 4, 1990. She is widely recognized for her roles in Supernatural, Confidential, and Vampire34. She has distinctive grey, green, and blue eyes.

She wrote a two-person comedy piece that she performed at a professional theatre in Vancouver when she was in high school.

She completed a full-time Professional Master’s Program and trained with renowned acting coaches in Vancouver for film and television. In recent years, she has also shifted her focus to screenwriting.

She is a Horse according to the Chinese Zodiac and is compatible with the Dog or the Tiger. She enjoys travel, romance, and closeness and is vivacious, independent, and financially savvy.

Mandy Playdown’s net worth

According to Wikipedia, Mandy Playdon’s net worth is between $1 and $5 million at 29. She earned money through her career as an actor.

Here are some examples of possible expenditures by Mandy Playdon:

House: Mandy Playdon may reside in a nice apartment or house in Vancouver, British Columbia. She may also own a vacation home in a foreign country.
Food: Mandy Playdon may enjoy dining in restaurants or preparing meals at home. Additionally, she may spend money on groceries, snacks, and beverages.
Transportation: Mandy Playdon may own a car or take public transportation for transportation. She may also utilize taxis or Uber to travel.
Clothing: Mandy Playdon may enjoy shopping for clothing. She may purchase designer or more affordable labels.
Entertainment: Mandy Playdon may enjoy going to the movies, concerts, and plays for entertainment. Additionally, she may subscribe to streaming services or purchase music and films.
Travel: Mandy Playdon may take pleasure in traveling the world. She may take multiple vacations per year or longer trips to explore various cultures.
Charity: Mandy Playdon may make charitable contributions. She may support important causes, such as animal welfare and environmental protection.

Mandy Playdon’s Movies or TV shows

Mandy Playdon has appeared in three films or television shows to date. They are as follows:

  • Supernatural (2009), a television series in which she portrayed Lizzie Gibson, a young girl who lived within the walls of a haunted house.
  • Confined (2010), a TV movie in which she played Teenage Girl, a friend of the main character who is stalked and trapped in her apartment.
  • Stella Snyder, a victim of a serial killer who preys on suicidal women, in Vampire (2011).

Mandy Playdon Relationship

Mandy Playdon is possibly single and has never been married. Mandy Playdon is not dating anyone as of 2023. There are no records of Mandy Playdon’s past relationships available.


1 . What are some of her significant works?

She has written and starred in a two-person comedy at a professional theater in Vancouver. She has also appeared on Supernatural and Confidential and in the film Vampire.

2 . What is her current objective?

Currently, she is focusing on screenwriting.

3. Has she received any honors?

She has been nominated for one award, but the specifics are unavailable.

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