Kyle Deek Net Worth

Kyle Deek is a guitarist and musician best known as a member of the British electronic rock band Modestep. In 2019, he replaced Pat Lundy as the guitarist and drummer of the band.

He has also released a solo album under his name and collaborated with artists including Mass Accord. In the spring of 2014, he joined Modestep, an electro-rock and dubstep band. London Road, his first record with the band, came out in May 2015.

Kyle Deek Brief Bio

Name Kyle Deek
Birth Date April 10, 1992
Birth Place Cardiff, Wales
31 years old (as of 2023)
Musician, guitarist, producer, actor
Associated Acts
Modestep, Astroid Boys, Mass Accord, Koven, Sub Focus, Wilkinson, Dimension
Net Worth $5 million

Early Life and Career

Kyle Deek was born in Cardiff, Wales, on April 10, 1992. He loved music as a child and learned to play the guitar when he was young. Different kinds of music, like rock, metal, hip-hop, and electronic, influenced him.

He started making music by playing in local bands and giving performances at different places. He also started making his music and working with other musicians.

One of his most well-known projects was with a producer and DJ from London named Mass Accord. They put out a song called “INTRO” in 2022, and Kyle Deek played guitar on it

Before Fame

Before he joined Modestep, Kyle Deek worked at Domino’s Pizza and played in the band Astroid Boys. He was born and raised in Wales.

When he was young, he learned to play the guitar. Different kinds of music, like rock, metal, hip-hop, and electronic, influenced him. He also started making his music and working with other musicians.

Kyle Deek Joining Modestep

In 2019, Kyle Deek joined the electronic rock band Modestep, which was founded in 2010 by Josh and Tony Friend. He replaced Pat Lundy as the band’s guitarist and drummer.

In May 2015, the group’s second studio album, London Road, marked his debut with the group. The album received favorable reviews from both critics and fans, and it peaked at number 25 on the UK Albums Chart.

Since then, Kyle Deek has been an integral part of the live performances and recordings of Modestep. He has also contributed to the band’s songwriting and creative process. He assisted the band in developing its distinctive sound, which combines rock, dubstep, drum and bass, and other electronic elements.

Kyle Deek Solo Project and Other Ventures

Kyle Deek is also a member of Modestep, but he also has a project under his name. In 2021, he put out an EP by himself called “Deek.” The EP showed how talented he was as both a musician and a producer. It had four tracks, some of which were acoustic ballads and some of which were heavy metal riffs.

Kyle Deek has also kept working with other musicians and artists in the business. He has worked with singers, rappers, DJs, and producers from different styles and backgrounds.

“Lose Control” was made with Koven, “Break Me Down” was made with Sub Focus and Wilkinson, and “Never Let You Go” was made with Dimension.

Kyle Deek Net Worth and Income Source

As of 2023, Kyle Deek’s estimated net worth is around $5 million. Based on his musical career as a member of Modestep and as a solo artist, this is the case.

Kyle Deek’s sources of income consist of touring, festival performances, streaming platforms, merchandise sales, and endorsements. Additionally, he earns income through his collaborations with other artists and musicians in the industry.

Kyle Deek’s income may fluctuate based on his musical endeavors, popularity, expenses, taxes, and other factors. Consequently, his net worth may fluctuate over time.

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