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HypeMyke is a very popular and wealthy YouTube star. He was born on December 7, 1995, in Canada. There is a person named Michel Orekhov who creates challenge videos on YouTube.

He specializes in horror challenges that take place at 3 a.m. He goes by the name Michel Orekhov, and he makes challenge videos on YouTube. He focuses on “3 AM” horror challenges.

More than 700,000 people follow him on HypeMyke. Both he and Kevin Talic have done videos for the “3 AM” challenge. The first “3 AM” challenge video he posted was from May 2018 and was called “NEVER DO A CANDLE SPELL AT 3 AM (THIS IS WHY) I JESTER GETS POSSESSED.

“He is one of the most successful YouTube stars, according to Popular Bio. He is on the list of famous people who were born on December 7, 1995. He was born in Canada and is one of the richest YouTube stars.

He is also on the list of the Most Popular YouTube Star. One of the well-known people in our database, HypeMyke is 27 years old.

Brief Bio of HypeMyke

Real Name
Michel Orekhov
Nick Name Mike
Popular as
YouTube Star
YouTube Star
Nationality Canada
Date of Birth December 7, 1995
Place Of Birth Canada
Age 27
Net Worth 2023
$983.77 thousand

Hypemyke Career

HypeMyke, also known by his legal name Michel Orekhov, is a prominent Canadian content producer who has amassed a substantial following of more than 1.7 million subscribers on the video-sharing platform YouTube.

The individual gained prominence by creating challenge videos, explicitly focusing on the Scary 3 AM horror genre of challenges.

HypeMyke initiated the establishment of his YouTube channel in February 2009 and subsequently amassed a subscriber base exceeding 1.7 million individuals on the aforementioned platform. Additionally, it is noteworthy that he possesses a substantial following on various social media platforms.


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Specifically, his secondary channel boasts a subscriber count exceeding 45,000, while his Instagram account has garnered a considerable following of over 77,000 individuals. HypeMyke has been involved in a romantic partnership with Caryn, a maternity nurse, since the year 2017.

HypeMyke initiated his professional journey by establishing his YouTube channel in February 2009. The individual gained prominence through their creation of challenge videos, with a particular focus on the Scary 3 AM horror genre of challenges.

Among the notable videos produced by the individual in question are “Siren Head Forest: An Analysis of the Reasons for Our Permanent Abstinence” and “Biltmore Hotel: An Exploration of the Concealed Subterranean Level.”

Hypemyke Net Worth

HypeMyke’s net worth is estimated to be $983.77 thousand. While HypeMyke’s exact net worth is unknown, Net Worth Spot estimates that he is worth $983.77 thousand based on YouTube viewership data.

However, Net Spot Worth’s estimate is based on a single source of revenue. HypeMyke’s net worth could be more than $983.77 thousand dollars. With these additional sources of income, HypeMyke’s net worth could be closer to $1.38 million.

The YouTube channel HypeMyke makes over 4.1 million views every month. YouTube channels that are monetized make money by showing ads to viewers when their videos are viewed a thousand times.

On average, YouTubers can earn $3 to $7 for every thousand video views. Based on this data, we can predict that the HypeMyke YouTube channel earns $16.4 thousand per month and $245.94 thousand per year from advertisements.

Who is Hypemyke Dating?

Michel Orekhov, who is also known as HypeMyke, has been in a relationship with Caryn, a maternity nurse, since 2017.

HypeMyke has never been in a relationship before and there is no information about his past romantic involvements.

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