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Hanno Pevkur is a well-known politician in Estonia who has worked in a number of ministerial positions over the past ten years. He is currently the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Estonia, a job he took on in July 2022.

He also belongs to the Estonian Reform Party, which he led from 2017 to 2018. One of these famous people is Hanno Pevkur, a charismatic leader whose life story shows how hard he worked and how dedicated he was to public service.

Pevkur’s life is an inspiring story of leadership, influence, and success, from humble beginnings to political rise.

Brief Bio of Hanno Pevkur

Name Hanno Pevkur
First Name Hanno
Last Name Pevkur
Occupation Politician
Birthday April 2
Birth Year 1977
Place of Birth Iisaku
Home Town Ida-Viru
Birth Country Estonia
Birth Sign Aries
Net worth $5 million

Hanno Pevkur Early Life and Education

Hanno Pevkur was born in Iisaku, a small town in northeastern Estonia, on April 2, 1977. He grew up in a small town in the middle of Estonia called Jarva-Jaani. He went to the high school in that town. When he was young, he became interested in law and politics, so he decided to become a lawyer.

He studied law at the Tallinn School of Economics. He got his diploma in 1998. He then went to the University of Tartu to study law. In 2002, he got his bachelor’s degree. He can also speak English, German, Finnish, and Russian, among other languages.

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Hanno Pevkur Rise in Politics

Pevkur’s political career began at the grass-roots level when he joined the Reform Party and rapidly ascended the ranks due to his dedication, strategic thinking, and interpersonal skills. His involvement on the local level paved the way for his entry into national politics, where he quickly rose to prominence.

From 2009 to 2014, he served as Minister of Social Affairs, a position that enabled him to make substantial contributions to Estonia’s healthcare and social welfare systems. Pevkur’s administration was distinguished by his forward-thinking policies and efforts to improve the quality of life for Estonians.

Hanno Pevkur Career and Achievements

Pevkur was a lawyer in both the public and private sectors before he ran for office. He became involved in local politics when he joined the Estonian Reform Party in 2000. From 2000 to 2005, he worked for the Nmme City District Government as an administrative secretary and then as the head of the city district. He was also the Minister of Justice’s advisor from 2005 to 2007.

  • In 2007, he was elected for the first time to the Estonian Parliament (Riigikogu) to represent the Nmme district. He joined the Nmme Administrative Council as well. In 2009, he was chosen to replace Maret Maripuu as Minister of Social Affairs. Maripuu had quit because of a scandal involving pension and welfare payments. Pevkur was in charge of policies about work, health, and social protection when he was Minister of Social Affairs.
  • In 2012, he was re-elected to the Riigikogu and took over Kristen Michal’s job as Minister of Justice. Pevkur was in charge of the law and human rights as the Minister of Justice. He also started a number of changes, such as making court procedures easier, making prisons better, and making anti-corruption measures stronger.
  • In 2014, he took over for Ken-Marti Vaher as the Minister of the Interior. Pevkur was in charge of internal security, public order, immigration, citizenship, and emergency management as the Minister of the Interior. He also talked about the problems caused by the situation in Ukraine and by people coming to Europe.
  • In 2016, he went back to the Riigikogu as the head of the Reform Party faction and a member of the Legal Affairs Committee. In 2017, he beat Hanno Kranich by a small margin to become the leader of the Reform Party. He also became the Riigikogu’s second vice president.
  • But he didn’t stay in charge for long because some party members opposed him and said bad things about him. In 2018, he said he wouldn’t run for re-election as the party leader. Kaja Kallas took over after him. She was the first woman to lead the Reform Party.
  • In 2019, he was chosen to serve a fourth term in the Riigikogu. He joined the Security Authorities Surveillance Select Committee and became the Deputy Chairman of the Legal Affairs Committee. In 2021, he became Riigikogu’s First Vice-President.

He was made Minister of Defense by Prime Minister Kaja Kallas in July 2022, after she won the parliamentary elections and formed a coalition government with the Centre Party. Pevkur is in charge of national defense policy, military affairs, international cooperation on security issues, and the growth of the defense industry as Minister of Defence.

Hanno Pevkur Personal Life and Interests

Helin Pevkur, who works as a lawyer, is married to Hanno Pevkur. They have two kids, a boy and a girl. They live in Tallinn, but they also have a summer house in Jarva-Jaani.

Pevkur loves and cares a lot about sports. He is a member of the Estonian Olympic Committee’s Executive Board and has been President of the Estonian Volleyball Federation since 2012. He was also Vice-President of the European Volleyball Confederation from 2015 to 2020. From 2016 to 2021, he was a member of the International Volleyball Federation’s Board of Administration.

He likes to play volleyball, basketball, football, and golf. He also enjoys reading, going on trips, and being with his family.

Hanno Pevkur Net Worth and Income Source

Hanno Pevkur’s estimated net worth in 2023 is approximately $5 million. His primary source of income is his political career, which includes his ministerial and parliamentary salaries. Additionally, he generates income from his investments, properties, and other assets.

As Minister of Defense, Pevkur earns the same monthly salary as other ministers in the Estonian government: €5,000. As a member of the Riigikogu, he receives the standard base salary of €3,800 per month. Additionally, he receives additional benefits and allowances for his official duties and expenses.

Position Salary (per month)
Minister of Defence €5,000
Member of the Riigikogu €3,800 (base salary) + allowances and benefits

Pevkur is regarded as one of Estonia’s wealthiest and most influential politicians. His reputation as a competent, pragmatic, and reform-minded leader precedes him.

Additionally, he has been praised for his diplomatic abilities and his ability to collaborate with various parties and partners. He has participated in numerous initiatives and projects that have improved the lives of Estonians and increased the country’s security and prosperity.


1. How Long Did Hanno Pevkur Serve as the Chairman of the Estonian Reform Party?

Hanno Pevkur led the Estonian Reform Party for a little less than a year. In January 2018, he said that he would not run again for party leader. Kaja Kallas took over after him. She was the first woman to lead the Reform Party.

2. Why Did Hanno Pevkur Decide Not to Run for Re-election as the Party Leader?

Because he faced internal opposition and criticism from some party members, Hanno Pevkur decided not to seek re-election as the party’s leader. He also desired to concentrate on his parliamentary duties and family.

3. When Did Hanno Pevkur Become the Minister of Defence?

Hanno Pevkur was appointed Minister of Defense on July 18, 2022, following the formation of Kaja Kallas’ cabinet. He succeeded Kalle Laanet, who was appointed foreign minister.

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