Gal Akbari Net Worth

Gal Akbari, also known as, is a Tiktok star and social media personality from Canada. She is best known for her Tiktok food-eating videos.

She has over three million followers on the app so far. Continue reading to learn more about her age, height, net worth, weight, family, parents, siblings, nationality, and other personal information.

Brief Bio of Gal Akbari

Real Name
Gal Akbari
Tiktok star and social media personality
23 Year’s old
Date of Birth 23 June 2000
Birthplace Iraq
British Columbia, Canada
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Nationality Canadian
Douglas College
Hobbies Eating
Famous For Tiktoks

Gal Akbari Early Life

Gal Akbari’s early life was very interesting. She was born in Iraq on June 23, 2000, so her zodiac sign is Cancer. She is Kurd, which is the largest minority group in Iraq. Her family moved to Canada when she was only one year old. She grew up in British Columbia, a province in Canada.

There, she learned to love food and culture. She went to school and college in Canada, where she got a business administration degree. In September 2020, she started posting on TikTok, and the next day she was a big deal.

Gal Akbari Age, Height & weight

Age 23
Height 5 feet 4 inches
Weight 52 kg

Gal Akbari Before Fame

Before becoming famous on TikTok and YouTube, she was a dental hygienist. In September 2020, she started posting on TikTok, where she quickly rose to fame.

Gal Akbari Career

Gal Akbari began using social media about three years ago. During the worldwide pandemic in 2020, she decided to give social media a shot.

In September 2020, as a lot of people began sharing videos on the app, she opened her Tiktok account because everyone was stranded at home due to the lockdown. Furthermore, Tiktok made it very simple to become well-known.

She registered an account on the app using the username and started sharing and making videos there. She also shared other kinds of videos, including lip-syncs, makeup tutorials, and trendy ones.

Her appealing appearance and personality are adored by the audience. Therefore, it only took her a few months to reach one million followers.

Regardless of her fame, her upload schedule was quite inactive. Due to this, her development stalled for some time. In the past two years, she has uploaded approximately two videos per month on Tiktok.

However, she has become active in recent months and has been posting approximately ten videos per month. She recently went viral after launching a series titled two bite series. In these videos, she typically consumes any food item, regardless of size, in two bites.

 She has more than 3.2 million followers and 108 million total likes at this time.

She recently became fully active on Instagram and YouTube, ignoring Tiktok. On Instagram, she primarily reposts her Tiktok videos, whereas she records and uploads longer videos to her YouTube channel.

Gal Akbari’s Net Worth

As of 2023, Gal Akbari’s net worth is thought to be around 165,000 dollars. Sponsorships from various companies and goods that she promotes on her social media platforms are her main source of income.

By placing advertisements on her YouTube videos, she also makes money. One of the most prominent and well-known TikTok stars, Gal Akbari was born in Iraq.

Who is Gal Akbari’s Boyfriend?

Gal Akbari has no boyfriend as of 2023. She confirmed in a TikTok video answering fan questions that she has never had a boyfriend. She also stated that she is focused on her social media career and does not want to date.

Gal Akbari, a beautiful and talented TikTok star with a global fanbase, has yet to find her soulmate.

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