Dalanie Disabato

Dalanie Disabato: Fans have discovered that the girl involved in the viral Porta Potty fight at the Morgan Wallen Pittsburgh concert is Instagram user Dalanie DiSabato, known for her attractive photos on the platform. What else? Now she works as a Playboy bunny.

Dalanie DiSabato has become incredibly famous after a video of her fight outside the Porta Potty became extremely popular online. She was one of the girls involved in a widely shared and aggressive fight on the internet.

The videos of the incident are still being shared on the internet. Recently, Dalanie had a conversation with Dave Portnoy from Barstool Sports.

During their talk, she explained that she joined the fight to protect her mom. I will share everything about the girl involved in the Porta Potty fight.

Brief Bio of Dalanie DiSabato

Real Name
Dalanie DiSabato
Nickname Dalanie
Model and Internet star
Age 21
Date of Birth 23 July 2002
United States
Hometown PA, USA
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Mount Aloysius College
Hobbies Traveling
Famous For
Fighting a stranger at Morgan Wallen concert

Dalanie DiSabato Early Life, Education, and Family

Dalanie DiSabato was born into an American family in the United States. She was born on 23 July 2002 and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She went to North Allegheny Senior High School and finished in 2020.

She was interested in nursing, so she enrolled in a nursing program at a nearby college. She has a strong bond with her mom, who was part of the fight that brought her fame. She has a younger brother who is proud of her success.

Dalanie is now a big deal on social media. At the time this was written, she had over 9400 followers on Instagram, and her user name was “ddisabato40.” Over 3,500 people are following her on TikTok. Thanks to her Porta Potty video, Dalanie’s socials are sure to blow up soon and bring in a lot of money.

Dalanie DiSabato Net Worth

Dalanie DiSabato is still in college, so she hasn’t started working yet. She could have worked part-time jobs or internships in the past, but she doesn’t have a full-time job right now.

Based on what the source thinks, she might be worth about $25,000. But this is not a verified or official number, and it may not be close to what she is worth.

She might have other income or assets that are not known to the public. She could also make more money from her deal with Playboy or other opportunities because of how popular she has become online.

Dalanie Disabato: From Porta Potty Fight to Playboy Fame

Dalanie has become a Playboy bunny. The viral video of the Porta Potty girl has given her a great chance to work with Playboy, a company known for making people like Pamela Anderson famous.


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A post shared by Dalanie DiSabato ❃ (@ddisabato40)

Dalanie has been announced as a new addition to Playboy magazine. The magazine shared a picture of her looking attractive, along with her name and the text “New to Playboy.”

Dalanie recently joined the Playboy ship, but there hasn’t been much content released featuring her yet.

What Happened During the Fight?

The fight happened at a Morgan Wallen concert at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on August 30, 2023. It happened when four women got into a fight outside a row of port-a-potties.

Two women who were waiting in line for the bathroom got into a fight with each other. One of them wore a pink top with fringe, and the other wore a white cardigan. They both fell into a porta-potty that had just been used by another woman.

Before two more women joined the fight, they hit and kicked each other. One of them was wearing a black tank top, and the other was wearing a light blue denim jumpsuit.

The woman in the jumpsuit said she was protecting her mother, who was wearing the cardigan, from the other two women. She pushed them away from the port-a-potty quickly after she beat them.

Others at the concert recorded the fight and put it on social media, where it quickly went viral. The city’s Department of Public Safety says that no one was caught.

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