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Amie Yancey is a reality television star, an interior designer, and an adrenaline junkie. In partnership with her husband Scott, she flips dilapidated houses in Las Vegas for enormous profits on the popular television show Flipping Vegas.

Since moving to Las Vegas in 2004, she has sold over 700 homes and has a knack for transforming them into stunning properties.

Amie is a speed and adventure enthusiast who owns eight motorcycles and several horses. She is fearless, enthusiastic, and inventive in all that she does. Amie Yancey is a woman who never settles for mediocrity.

Brief Info About Amie Yancey

Name Amie Yancey
Birth Date August 30, 1967
Birth Place Alberta, Canada
Nationality Canadian-American
Profession Interior designer, realtor, reality TV star
Husband Scott Yancey
Net Worth $5 million
TV Show Flipping Vegas
Company Goliath Company
Hobbies Riding motorcycles and horses

Amie Yancey Biography

Amie Yancey is a Canadian-American real estate agent, reality TV star, and interior designer. Most people know her as the star of the A&E show Flipping Vegas, in which she and her husband, Scott Yancey, fix up run-down houses in Las Vegas and sell them for a lot of money.

Amie loves to use her unique style and flair to turn houses into beautiful homes. Since she moved to Las Vegas in 2004, she has sold more than a thousand homes and is now worth about $5 million.

Amie was born in Canada, in the city of Lethbridge, on August 30, 1967. She was raised on a ranch, where she took care of horses and rode dirt bikes.

She has ten brothers and sisters, and four of them are adopted. She went to high school at the Lethbridge Collegiate Institute and then went to college in the United States. Amie is not only a successful real estate agent and interior designer, but she is also a daredevil who loves speed and adventure.

Amie Yancey Age, Height, and Weight

Age 56 years old
Height 1.67 m or 5 ft 4 in
Weight 55 kg or 121 lbs
Shoe Size 8 US

Amie Yancey Career

Amie Yancey is a Canadian TV star who became well-known after she appeared on an episode of the reality show Flipping Vegas. Scott Yancey, who is her husband, performs in Las Vegas and buys and sells houses on the show.

2011 was also the first year she was seen in a movie. She also works as a real estate agent and an interior designer. She has also worked at the Goliath Company, a brokerage firm in Las Vegas, Nevada, where she was in charge of the same things.

Even though she has helped and supported many charitable projects, like working with non-governmental organizations to find homes for injured US soldiers, her popularity has grown along with the shows.

In the same way, she thinks that the homes she sells to customers must be of the highest quality. She has sold more than 1000 homes.

Amie Yancey’s Net Worth

Amie Yancey’s estimated net worth ranges between $5 million. Her career as an interior designer, real estate agent, and reality TV star is her primary source of income.

Through their company, Goliath Company, she and her husband Scott Yancey have sold over one thousand homes in Las Vegas. In addition, they starred in the popular A&E series Flipping Vegas, which chronicled their house-flipping adventures and dramas.

Amie also organizes nationwide seminars that cost between $2,000 and $30,000 per participant and teach people how to flip houses.

Amie Yancey Relationship

Yancey is a happy married woman. She is married to Scott Yancey, a well-known real estate agent. In 1988, when they were just friends in college, Scott and Amie met for the first time.

But after a few years, Amie and Scott fell in love with each other and started dating. After dating for 12 years, Amie and Scott got married in the US Virgin Islands city of Saint John.

In 2004, after they had been married for almost four years, they moved to Los Vegas and started working as natural state agents. In 2007, the couple thought about going into the real estate business, but they decided to do something else instead.

But when Scott heard people talking about how low the rates were in the ranch areas of Las Vegas, he and his friends started to buy houses, fix them up, and sell them for a profit. Amie and Scott don’t have any children together, but Amie has a daughter named Sarah from a previous relationship.

Amie Yancey Controversy

The TV show Flipping Vegas follows Scott and Amie Yancey, a real estate couple who buy and sell properties in Las Vegas. Agent and interior designer Amie frequently disagree with Scott’s decisions.

Fans of the show disliked Amie’s behavior and accused her of being insincere and causing needless drama.

They believed she was doing it to increase the show’s virality. Amie acknowledged her error and apologized to her fans. She also developed a greater appreciation for Scott’s views on the show.


1. Does Amie Yancey have any children?

No, Amie Yancey does not have any kids. She and Scott have decided to focus on their jobs and their pets instead.

2. How Many Houses Has Amie Yancey Sold?

Since she moved to Las Vegas with Scott, Amie Yancey has sold more than 700 homes. She is an agent and investor for Scott’s real estate company, the Goliath Company.

3. What Are Amie Yancey’s Hobbies and Interests?

Amie Yancey has four dogs and two horses. She loves animals. She also likes to ride motorcycles, skydive, hike, and go on trips.

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